Friday, October 21, 2016

Attitude of Gratitude 347-370

347. Learning new crochet patterns.
348. Conquering Mt. Laundry.
349. October Mortage paid.
350. Friends that are family. I love being "Aunt Sarah" to more precious kids.
351. My sweet sister in Christ, Amber and her family.
352. Daily Devotions with my husband.
353. Family prayer time.
354. Seeing my boys and all my church babies worshiping Jesus with such freedom.
355. New book we are going through together..with my bible study girls on Tuesday nights.
Uninvited by Lysa TeuKeurst
356. Prayer time for my family and friends
357. Thankful the Holy Spirit burdens my heart with who needs prayers/call/text/visit.
358. Deactivated Facebook! Focusing on my first Ministry.
359. My beautiful and supportive
"bonus"  step mom,Claudia. 💜💜
360. My sister in Christ, Jessica. She is our Children's Ministry director and is doing a great job and has such a love for our kids at church. I have been in Children's ministry for 6 years now and so thankful for her servants heart.
361. So thankful for friends that hold me accountable in many ways.
362. Steffani Kerr..a beautiful sister in Christ with a full plate- 4 kids..home schools..and such an encouragement to me and my family.
363. Thankful I have been paying more attention to what I eat and drink now..using a fitness app and accountability. Feeling better daily.
364. Finished reading Redeeming Love by Francis good.
365. A warm home to go home too.
366. Food in the fridge and pantry...cant say this one enough.
367. God's unconditional love for us.


My Dad and Claudia get to travel a lot so thankful they are able too. This is in Tennessee. 
This is Amber and her kids. Missing her husband, Justin in this picture.

370. Thankful my boys enjoy playing with older and younger generations.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Attitude of Gratitude 337-346

I am continuing my attitude of gratitude. I am determined to get to 1000.

337. I am so thankful for my friendships of many years. 15+ Marjorie, Bren, Alexis.. the list goes on.
338. Pork fried Rice.. I cooked it for lunch today.
339. AC that works!
340. My health, I have been slacking on my exercise, but going to get back on track.
341. I am thankful for my beautiful sisters in Christ of 7 + years in my town of Snyder.
342. A beautiful encouraging note written to me by my SIL, Abby along with a gift for our family. The note meant the most to me!!
343. Cleaning products to clean my house!
344. Our wonderful local library, I love getting to read the new books that come in and some of the old ones too. The librarian and the ladies their are so helpful and nice.
345. Thankful for accountability from my best friends!
346. Thankful to be apart of a wedding renewal this past Saturday and one this coming Saturday.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday (Posting on Tuesday)

Late to the game, Posting on Tuesday =) 
Thank you to Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for hosting. 

The Weather:::
Thankfully not too hot today, we have had our share off days of 100+

On my reading pile:::
I just recently finished Beyond Amen by Max Lucado -so good!!
Daddy's little Girl- Mary Higgins Clark (One of my fav. author)
Battlefield of the Mind By Joyce Meyer (reading this with my bible study group)

On my tv:::
American Ninja Warrior
Fox News (my husband)
America's Got Talent

On the menu for this week:::
Don't have one yet.. been low on food and making whatever we can make.. trying to be creative with what I have for right now. 

On my to do list:::
Quiet time with Jesus, my bible study, journaling, prayer time
Study, Study, and more Study... Taking my National Boards for Xray next Monday 
Getting my license back after a few years out of the field.
Decluttering the house is always on the list.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I have enjoyed making new types of granny squares and learning how to join as I go.
I am also making a big corner to corner crocheted blanket for my son. His first crocheted one from me. I have made him them fleece ones but not a crocheted one. About time, I know. 

Looking around the house::
My husband is watching the news (Presidental Race)
My youngest son just made him some eggs, then playing with his legos
My oldest son is on his video game
I am going to study again after I finish this

From the camera:::
I have been working hard to memorize more scripture lately on a daily basis. I want to know the Word in my heart. I am memorizing Psalm 91 right now, the whole chapter. I write them on card stock like this so I can easily carry them with me, and it has helped me. 

On my prayer list:::
Our country for sure, our servicemen civilian or military. 
My big test this coming Monday
Youth from my church that are having family problems

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Attitude of Gratitude 281-336

I have done this in awhile and this evening, I thought I would write a few things I was thankful for. I started Attitude of Gratitude long ago (2011) after hearing about a book and watch a video on it. It was a challenge of writing down 1000 things you are grateful for, and it can be the most simple things like, thankful for sunshine and air to breath. Those aren't too simple, but you get the drift. So onto #281. 

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever. Psalms 118:1

281. Thankful for the wedding for Carson and Bri House this evening. We missed being there (Indiana), but so excited for their future in the Lord together. 
282. Thankful for Prayer time with the Lord, I can't ever be thankful enough for this, Talk time with Jesus. I like to write out my prayers (not every time), but helps me focus. 
283. All the new books I have read, bible studies I have done over the years. My favorite one has been our Fervent book by Priscilla Shriver. I learned so much about making prayer strategies, going to battle for your family with prayer, and praying out scriptures. 
 284. So thankful for my Tuesday night bible study class, Straight up Truth
285. Momma Jack
286. Thankful for new and old friendships. 
287. Accountability partners
288. Getting to work the last 3 Women Closer Walks.
289. A new camera 2 years ago.
290. Good times with our Williamson family that are family to us.
291. Fun times at Lake JB Thomas.
292. Fun pool for our family in our backyard, blessing from Grandma.
293. Paying July's mortgage today.
294. Jared getting his own space, new room..kinda..sharing the computer room.
295. AJ cleaning the floor of his room on his own today without being asked.
296. The boys can wash, dry, and put up the dishes together. 
297. Daily scriptures with my boys, for the most part.
298. Teaching AJ cursive this summer.
299. Self Control. I am doing better at watching less TV, and focusing on only quality TV, and spending more time reading then watching TV.
300. Thankful for good books to read this summer. 
301.Thankful for my job in this hard season we have been in. I have a lot of quiet moments at work and I have used those for prayer, journaling and reading my bible. 


302. I have always loved crocheting and thankful for the yarn and the resources to do it. I have been to learn new kinds of granny squares and how to join as I go. 
303.Making a Texas Tech (the colors) for Jared, corner to corner stitch pattern.
304. Slowly but surely working on our house, removing clutter and keeping it picked up.
305. Jared can fold amazing, such a big help. 
306. Rain, we have receive a good amount this year, after a long drought
307. My WILD kids from church, love them as my own, and their families.
308. Worshiping Jesus with song, daily!
309. Hair tutorials on YouTube.. my hair is getting longer. =)
310. My husband bald with a goatee. The best!
311. Amazing time with our family in Indiana at the Lake. 28th year.
312. My oldest brother celebrating a BIG milestone this year. 
313. My brothers, simply put!
314. The time my Dad INVEST with our phone conversations. SO thankful!
315. Gods unconditional love.
316. Team Jesus, that is my #1 Team!
317. Our sweet 93 old neighbor, Mrs. Merritt. I love getting to have sweet visits with her as often as I can. She was a kindergarten teacher for 45 years back in the day and I love learning from her. She is a powerful woman of God. My boys love to come with me, and show her their cursive they have been doing. 
318. AC!!!!! The high this past week was 106. 
319. A job that is indoors. =)
320. The beautiful clouds in the sky, I love how they never look the same, Gods creations daily.
322. Sweet time with my Grandma Bonnie this summer. Singing with her, reading scripture together, praying and catching up. She is ready to be in Gods glory but it hasn't been Gods timing yet.
323. Quality time as a family at the lake, no technology, just sharing life together. 
324. Taking the time to share soooo many good memories about my Grandmother as a family. "She was likeable, loveable, and sassy," said Peyton. (Oldest great grandchild)
325. Gods Grace and patience He gives me daily!
326. Jared got to go to KFN camp for the 5th time this summer. He grew so much in his faith and had a great time. 
327. Jessica Bowlin, my partner in children's ministry. She is the leader, and I admire her love for the kids, a big heart for our next generation.
328. Our Mayor of Snyder, Tony Wofford, also my Senior Pastor. He is a big part of bringing back the Lords presence in our town, starting with prayer!
329. The opportunity to continue to capture Gods blessings with my camera of families, or Gods beauty outside.
 330. Babies smiles and laughter. ( My cousin, Harper)

331. My nieces and nephews getting older. Lauren turned 10, Luke is 3 now, and George celebrated his 1st birthday just recently. Madi will be 9 next week. =)
332. A phone that works, even if its a dinosaur one. I am liking my "dumb" phone, I spent a lot less time on it!
333. Roof over our head, clothes on our back, and food in our belly~!
334. FOOD!! 
335. Help with food from our church family, in our time of need. We will pay it forward!

336. My cousin, shared his testimony with us this summer and asked to be baptized in the lake. SO incredible to witness and be apart of!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The good ole days..

Another post I found.. thoughts.. not complete sentences in the least! =)

When we were kids and had no worries, no bills to pay unless we didn't do the dishes..awaiting the arrival of my adopted brother, John from Korea, never ending battle of 1 girl versus 4 brothers, telling on my brothers, getting dirty..or eating dirt.. ( no that was John), playing in the awesome tree house, having a huge cinnamon roll cake for our birthdays, building forts with the bar stools and sheets, dancing to dads accordion and piano, singing duets with my momma, turn outs with Dad at Grandy's, picking up pecans, daddy "bouncing" us on the trampoline, getting a jar of dirt with a worm in it with a red bow for Christmas from Paul and Jeremy, riding my skateboard on the half pipe, watching my brothers do crazy tricks on the pipe, dressing my little brothers up as girls, going to the lake with the Neuenschwander family every year at Lake Webster, Christoval, riding horses and four wheelers in South Texas, hiking in the mountains,getting to go to private school for elementary and then all the fun things I learned that I had never been exposed too in public school in the 6th grade, piano and violin lessons, family devos, camping many places including Blanco state park, Big Bend, and Inks Lake, visits from our grandparents, Rio Frio, hot wheels, wagon rides from Grandpa, going to the beach, staying at the cool hotel in Ozona with the indoor swimming pool, VBS's, Camp Lone Star, Bandit and Shaggles, Schoeneberg Family Reunions, our momma always fixing our numerous boo-boos, playing in the hay barn at the farm, loved having my dad as my pastor, always good home cooked meals from our stay at home mom, dad being the best handy man around the house, daddy saying prayers with us every night after he tucked us in ,Paul being my other dad =, Breaking both my arms, Learning to drive in the aerostar, driving the "Big blue dog" to high school, being apart of the wonderful San Antonio St. Paul crew and still am, fun youth groups in the different churches we were apart of, ski trips, having great role models as parents, may of argued everyday with my bros but was blessed to never see my parents argue, fight, disrespect each other was the best.

I saw how a married couple should act and love each other how God loves us. Some many other great memories too many to mention. I was truly blessed growing up and want the same for my children as well.