Monday, August 1, 2016

Attitude of Gratitude 337-346

I am continuing my attitude of gratitude. I am determined to get to 1000.

337. I am so thankful for my friendships of many years. 15+ Marjorie, Bren, Alexis.. the list goes on.
338. Pork fried Rice.. I cooked it for lunch today.
339. AC that works!
340. My health, I have been slacking on my exercise, but going to get back on track.
341. I am thankful for my beautiful sisters in Christ of 7 + years in my town of Snyder.
342. A beautiful encouraging note written to me by my SIL, Abby along with a gift for our family. The note meant the most to me!!
343. Cleaning products to clean my house!
344. Our wonderful local library, I love getting to read the new books that come in and some of the old ones too. The librarian and the ladies their are so helpful and nice.
345. Thankful for accountability from my best friends!
346. Thankful to be apart of a wedding renewal this past Saturday and one this coming Saturday.

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