Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday 6th Birthday AJ!

Favorite Foods- Spaghetti
Favorite Color - Red and Black.
Favorite Place to Go - Walmart
Favorite Place to visit: Papa and Dia's
Favorite Thing to Do - Play with trains and legos
Favorite Sweet Treat - watermelon
Favorite T.V. Show  - Ninja Turtles and Yu-gi-oh
Favorite Movie -Cars
Favorite Song - Jesus
Favorite Restaurant -Whataburger
Favorite Clothes -Thomas shirt
Favorite Shoes - boots
Favorite Hairstyle - he don't care
Favorite Book - cars and Thomas
Favorite Animal - his puppy, Jelly and rabbits..??
Favorite Bible Story - Jesus
Favorite thing to do at school - play at centers in the classroom
Favorite thing to learn at school - coloring in the lines - AJ calls it "nicely"
Favorite place to go after school - Walmart

This was at school when his daddy and I came to brought him cupcakes and balloons.

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