Friday, August 17, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude 215-230

215. Thankful for homemade creamy mash potatoes.
216. Thankful for Kari Jobe's music. So anointed! I tend to wash more dishes when praising Jesus with her praise music on.
217. Thankful for rain this past week.
218. So thankful for diary queen blizzards.. those are such a treat for me. I try to make them a rare treat.

219. Thankful for yummy Jalapeno cheese burgers from Whataburger.
220. So thankful that our family had a chance to go with 18 kids and 4 other sponsors to church camp in Dallas back in July. We had a great time and so thankful to our church for the opportunity.
221. SO thankful that we know have health insurance through my job, taking full advantage of that.

222. Thankful for a clean bill of health from my last "female" doctor visit. (Maybe TMI, but my mom's history of health, you would want to share as well.)

223. Thankful for a midday nap, especially when I have to get up so early in the morning. (4 am)

224. Thankful for enough money to buy school supplies and school clothes.

225. Thankful that we have been able to sell a few things on the online trading post and buy a few things especially clothes for the boys.

226. SOOOOOOOOO thankful for my job right now. My husbands unemployment just officially ended and thankful that all bills are covered with my job. We may not have as much income as we used to but that doesn't matter, we are taken care of, and that is what matters.

227. Thankful I got to be apart of my son's activities at the end of his school year, both of them, especially seeing AJ graduate from Pre-K.

228. So thankful for the miracle God provided for the Brown family. Little Lexie Brown is only 2 mths now and just came home after having open heart surgery last Monday. She was in the hospital for 5 weeks, and very critical in the beginning. She is doing well at home with her parents. 
 229. Thankful we got to have a fun day with my good friend Steffanie and her boys this summer at her friend's place. We had a great time together, I am so thankful for our friendship as well.
 230. I know I might of said this one before, but I am so thankful for my Momma D below here. I have known her since I was a young teen in San Antonio. She has been so helpful and so loving to me and my family.

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