Sunday, October 7, 2012

Football Season

Jared played his first sport this fall. He played flag football for the first time. It was a fun time to see him learn something new and we had good family time doing it together too. He had 2 practices a week and usually 2 games a week. He made one score, a 2 point conversion. He got the ball a few times and tried hard to move it down the field. I was of course the "loud" cheering mom. I was so proud of him, for trying his best, no matter what the score was. I think he learned a lot too. He is used to being the leader of the group on our street where we live but he was the 2nd to smallest on the field and he seemed to learn some good lessons along the way. 
Their team was the Broncos. They are playing the Steelers here. 
 This is Jared's friend Heaven. She is in his 2nd grade class. She is so sweet to him. She even bought him a treat at the game. She was one of the cheerleaders. I took a few of them as well, and one of my good friends girls was on the team.
The 2nd to last game, my dad and Claudia came to see it. It was so nice to have them here. He was so excited that they came. I could tell that when Jared got the ball, afterwards he would look at my dad for approval. =) They have a sweet bond. We got to go have dinner afterwards and what fun we had. He didn't get to go to his last game because he was sick, boo! Overall it was a good season, win or lose, and we had a good time, supporting Jared as a family. Basketball is up next. He loves that one!

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