Friday, March 23, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude 203 - 214

203. Thankful for a fun filled day with my hubby. I had the day off and we took full advantage of it. We got to have lunch together, then go to a shooting range, and then finish the night with supper and a movie.

204. Thankful for a good job that I didn't want at first because I want to continue in the medical field but that isn't God's plan for me right now. We need to be obedient and he sure has blessed us in our obedience.

205. Thankful that my husband got over the flu, even though he had it on his birthday.

206. Thankful my husband saw a chick flick with me tonight, doesn't happen often but we sure enjoyed it, even Gabe admitted he liked it.

207. SO Thankful that my husband celebrated his 37th birthday this week on Wednesday. He had a big medical scare 2 years ago and had a second chance at life.

208. Thankful that I can make good Filipino fried rice now. I have made it many times and practice does help.

209. Thankful and excited that my MIL is getting to come this next weekend for my boys birthday party. This will be her first one that she has been able to come too.

210. Thankful that my Dad and Claudia will get to come too!

211. So thankful for my wonderful true friendships here in Snyder. Hunni Chillleeee! =)

212. So thankful that we finally got to paint our living room.

213. Thankful that we now have the chance and the supplies already to paint the kitchen.

214. So thankful one of my best friends that is an amazing designer is going to help me decorate the my living room.

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