Sunday, February 12, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude 185 - 202

185. Thankful to be blogging again.
186. Thankful that we have had much needed moisture, and more to come hopefully.
187. Thankful to be apart of an amazing church body, The WILD Church. (This was probably mentioned before but that is okay I am just very thankful for all of them.)
188. Thankful for my talented friend Mindy, that is so creative and I get to buy a few of her creative, homemade things.
189. Thankful for my cross wall in progress. I received a few new crosses for bday and anniversary.

190. I am so thankful for new friendships I have made over this past year.
191. Thankful for a new flat iron that I got for xmas/bday. I can also curl with it. Extra Bonus I was able to sell my other one.
192. Thankful that I get to wear some of mom's jewerly that was past to me everyday. I love it, and makes me feel like she is near.
193. Thankful that we had the privileged of having my MIL here for Christmas and few days after.

194. Thankful that we all had a stocking at Christmas.. what a sweet thing that Claudia did!

195. Thankful to add that she also did a sweet kid/grandkid tree. It meant so much to me and my boys!

196. Thankful for a white Christmas at my dads house. It was a little crazy.. 9 inches mainly just in Hale Center.

197. Thankful for fun snowball fights with family.

198. Thankful for new pictures of all 5 grandkids. It would of even been better with Carson and Cutter.
199. SO Thankful for fun times with all my nieces at Christmas along with my boys.

200. Thankful for nacho dip with white velvetta cheese, rotel and taco meat with chips.
201. Thankful for quality time watching a season of 24 with my hubby night after night.
202. SO Thankful for relief in my back pain that I have had on and off for 2 yrs. I am not pain free yet but with lots of prayers, good meds, ice/heat and chiropractic therapy, I am getting there.

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Mary said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had a great Christmas :)

Oh and I love watching 24 with my hubby. We may start a season again soon.

Have a great day!