Tuesday, July 12, 2011

151-160 Attitude of Gratitude

151. I am so thankful for my charm bracelet that my hubby found a few weeks ago deep in the sofa. I had lost it for 2 years and have given up on finding it. It has special meaning to me.

152. Thankful that God's gives me patience for my kids, some days I need it more then others.
153. Thankful for all the fun books from the library so that I spend more time reading to my boys, and Jared reading to me.
154. Thankful for the money to pay my darn fee at the library, and be able to get books again.
155. I am thankful that I getting to do some photo shoots again. My creative juices are flowing again and I have enjoyed being in my element again.

156. I thankful to freely worship whenever and wherever I want too. We so take this for granted here in the states.
157. I am thankful for skype. It is nice to actually see people's faces along with their voices.
158. Bacon, egg, beans, and cheese breakfast burrito. Yum!
159. Gabe's barbecue. Anything he grills, even grilled fish is so good!
160. Lego's,toys that help with the child's imagination.

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