Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time spent with my beloved Grandma Boerger

As I sit next to my grandma in her room in our house, I am enjoying the quiet moments with her as she soon will go to Heaven and see Jesus face to face. I am so happy that she is going soon. We have been taking care of her for almost a month now. It has been a family effort on all our parts. My husband has helped me a ton and we did our best to take care of her. The boys have been real sweet to her. My favorite memory was watching AJ on his knees on the bar stool beside her bed telling her about his Thomas book. I wanted to take a picture but of course my streaker son had no clothes on at the time. When she was still responsive, she would click her toes together and get excited when the boys where around her. Jared tells me today,"Mommy, will Great Grandma be going to Heaven soon?" I said yes honey. He then said, "Well she will be seeing my Nana and I will see her again one day in Heaven as well."
This time I have spent with her, has reminded me a lot of the times I spent with her growing up as a little girl and even older as well. I loved her fruit jello with pecans. She taught me to be tough, she grew up with 5 brothers. I grew up with 4. She understood how I felt being the only girl! She taught me to live life to the fullest and make Jesus proud everyday. I strive to do that, but fall as we all do sometimes. I will always remember her telling me to read Psalm's 91 when I was afraid or scared of something. I loved the relationship she had with my mom, she adored her daughter in law, and my mom was very receptive to that!
We had lots of good times with her. I wish we had more, but it is her time soon, and I am so thankful that she will be healed from this disease. As my mom said once, "I will be healed her on earth, or in Heaven." My mom was healed in heaven, and so will my Grandma.
I am proud to be her only granddaughter, and I will see her again one day in Heaven!

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Mary said...

What a great post. Your grand mother sounds like an amazing woman. I am so sorry for yor loss.