Tuesday, June 21, 2011

101-150 A attitude of gratitude

101. Thankful for a Savior that has unconditional love for me!
102. Adoptions.
103. My best friend and her husband are going through the process of becoming foster parents. I am thankful for their open hearts to love a child(children) that need a home and needs love.
104. I loved and was thankful for my charm bracelet that meant a lot to me. I unfortunately missed place it over a year ago. I hope to find it, it is so special to me.
105. Thankful for quiet last moments with my grandmother.
106. I am so thankful for getting to spend some time with my oldest brother, Jeremy this past weekend. He was driving through to see my dad for Father's day. It was the best time. I was in the middle of a yard sale, but he just jumped right in and helped with the boys. He took Jared out to breakfast, and then came home and played with both him and AJ for 2 hrs straight. They LOVED having him here, and so did I. I hadn't seen him in a long time, and we were able to chat some as well, and he got to see Grandma too.

107. Thankful for feeling more connected to my brother, Jeremy now.
108. Thankful for finding a new frozen pizza brand that is so delicious!!
109. Thankful for peaceful cool mornings on my porch.
110. I am so grateful to my neighbor/friend, Michelle that came this past Sunday and helped me reorganize my kitchen, and washed my dishes.
111. I am so thankful for a successful garage sale and selling all my Mary Kay inventory to a new consultant. Wahoo!
112. I am grateful that Jesus died on the cross just for me!
113. I am thankful for a sweet and caring dentist for my boys.
114. I am thankful for a new puppy, Jelly. I just hope she survives my two boys.

115. I am thankful for getting off of facebook again, I was just getting tired of it, and hope to stay off of it longer this time.
116. I am actually grateful for our first dog, Biscuit. I have grown closer to him, he does look after my family, and sits under grandma's bed protecting her as well.
117. Thankful for my quiet times with the Lord.'
118. I am thankful to be apart of a praise team at church once in awhile.
119. I am so thankful to be apart of an awesome church family, where I feel free to worship, and have grown so much in my faith.
120. I am thankful to have some of my mom's jewelry past down to me and enjoy wearing it almost daily! I saved some pieces for my boys, and a future daughter.
121. I am thankful for my mom's willow tree collection that was past to me as well. I gave one to each of her sister's and the rest are with my collection. My favorite is the one that represents courage. I think a friend of hers gave it too when she was going through chemo/radiation. I started her collection with the grandmother figure. She loved it, and one for my dad, his grandpa one.

"A unique love that transcends the years"
122.I am so grateful for 7 good years of remission from cancer for my mom.
123. I am so thankful that she got to be there for both my pregnancies and both of my births.
124. I am so grateful for the close relationship that she had with both of my boys, especially Jared.
125. I am so thankful for all the extra time I had with her when I moved back home when I was pregnant, and then was a single mom. She helped me so much, and learned even more from her. That time was priceless!
126. Evening bowl of cereal, like Honey Bunches of Oats.
127. Family time today at the community pool. AJ even jumped off the diving board. Jared was doing front flips off the boards for the first time.
128. Connecting with old friends, I found my best friend from kindergarten awhile back on a social media site. Amanda Campbell.. she was the best, and still is!
129. Sonic drinks.. they are evil but they are so good!
130. Watching comedy with husband in the evenings. =)
131. Facebook most of the time, it gets on my nerves sometimes.
132. Photography, I really enjoy looking at others as well to learn new things.
133. Summer fruit that is in season, we love watermelon for sure! AJ is a major fruit eater!
134. Getting to watch old family videos or even newer ones. I love seeing ones of my mom.
135. Watching my boys have fun with their daddy in the backyard pool.

136. Grateful to finally getting to paint my living room for the first time.. this is big time for me, if you know me.
137. Finding some new decorative items for cheap at our Saturday garage sales.
138. I am so thankful that my grandmother has made her trip to glory. No more pain!
139. Grateful for food for our family after the loss of my grandmother. That was so helpful and sweet.
140. Grateful that my God is BIGGER!!! =)
141. I am thankful that we are going to all be getting together at the end of August to celebrate my grandmothers life and have a Schoeneberg family reunion as well.

142. I am grateful that my dad found my baby book.
143. I am thankful to find older pictures of our family. Great memories!

144. Stir Fry Chicken and Filipino Fried Rice. One of our family favorites. I learned how to cook it from my MIL and my hubby.
145. Snuggled time with my husband and my kids.
146. Freshly grated cheese. Yum!
147. A 3rd bedroom now in our home. We just have to figure out if we are going to move into it or make it a guest bedroom.
148. Grateful for a nice scanner to scan older pictures.
149. Thankful for my cross wall, that my hubby put together. We are now going to do a new one after we paint.
150. Thankful for sunscreen, a lifesaver. I just got more freckles today.

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