Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My list of gratitude 51-100

51. Watching my son read to his little brother.

52. Turkey Spaghetti with Whole Wheat Noodles
53. Army Wives on Lifetime Tv
54. My mountain bike
55. Klove Music, so thankful it is online, because I do not get it on my stereo.
56. I enjoyed having our small intimate wedding with just immediate family members and then our big celebration a few months later.
57. Lamaze- had my second child naturally.. it really worked, I also had a great labor coach, my hubby.
58. My second son, AJ. He has come so far with his special needs. I can finally have a conversation with him. He can tell me what he needs, how his day went, and what makes him happy, etc, etc. He still has a way to go, but has come so far!
Praises to Jesus, his great teachers and his therapists.

59. I was SO thankful and honored to be the one to take care of my mom in the end. I miss her so much and not a day goes by that I don't think of her, but I glad I got to do it.
60. I was thankful that my mom waited with me on the sidewalk for my dad to come pick me up to take me to my first day of kindergarten.
61. I am thankful she always took time for us, especially reading to us.
62. I am thankful she always took time to make cookies with us or for us.
63. I am thankful for growing up with such great rolemodels, as my parents were such great ones.
64. My promise ring from Gabe that he gave to me while we were dating, I actually use that as my wedding ring right now. I still have my diamond, I just enjoy wearing this one too.
65. I love love all my nieces. I actually have a total of 5. I wish I could talk to them more and see them more.
66. I have 2 nephews. Love them and miss them!
67. I am thankful for my favorite drink, Coca Cola, especially from Sonic.. just have to stay far away from it, I slip up once and awhile.
68. I am grateful that I don't enjoy drinking much. A margarita from time to time is okay.
69. I am grateful for my curly hair most of the time. =)
70. I am grateful to have a great camera that my hubby got for me, I love capture blessings that God has given us.
71. I am thankful for water droplets on roses after it rains.

72. I am so thankful for strawberry smores. (Use strawberry marshmellows)

73. I am grateful for time spent camping with my family, and playing games in the camper.

75. I am grateful for this special thing my husband and I do together. Wherever we are, if we pass each other or even if he is sitting in another room, and we are within ear shout of each other, we blow kisses to each other.
76. I am so grateful when I get to teach my boys about Jesus, or they learn from others as well.

77. I am grateful for long exposure pictures of an amazing spirit filled performance at church.

78. I am grateful that we get to use the family table that I grew up using.

79. I am grateful that birthdays keep coming every year for my boys.

80. I am SO grateful that my mom got to attend my brother's wedding before she passed. Well we planned one because we knew that she wasn't going to be here for the big one. Dumb Cancer!

81. I am SO thankful that my mom was here for my wedding, both of them.

82. I am thankful that my parents adopted my little brother John Lee from Korea, he completes our family for sure!
83. I am thankful for cowboy hats and boots, especially on Jared, he looks so handsome.

84. I am grateful for our troops. It is because of them, we have the freedom we have!God bless all of them and their family.
85. I am grateful that my dad has such a sweet love for my boys. He is their # 1 Papa.

86. I am grateful for 1st cousins that crack me up like no other.

87. I am grateful for time spent at the park as a family, in the cool evening air.
88. I am grateful for family dinners AT the dinner table.
89. I am so thankful for laughter from my boys when they are swinging high on the swings at the park.

90. I am so thankful for hugs, real ones, with meaning to them!
91. Kisses and hugs from my boys and hubby!
92. Peach cobbler with ice cream.
93. Mrs. Kathy's Apple and Peach dumplings with ice cream.
94. Going garage salin'!
95. Old Lady voice impersonations..and the laugh as well..the no teeth one =)
96. Fried Chicken with the fixin's
97. Mary Higgins Clark, one of my favorite authors.
98. Videos of Babies laughing!

99.Videos of my babies, playing on the waterslide.

100. My german exchange student,Susanne Subklew, that is my schwester. She lived with us in 1999. Go Spurs Go! Leavin' on a jet plane.

A collage she made while she was here for my parents.

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