Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Having an attitude of gratitude, 1000 things of gratitude 1-50

A Dare to live fully Right where you Are!
1000 things of gratitude (1-50)
(In no particular order.)
1. Remembering my Grandma Boerger telling me to read Psalm 91 when I am afraid or scared. I read that over her tonight.
2. Honoring and thankful for the privileged to take care of my grandma in her last days.
3. Thankful for the time she spent with us finger painting, showing how to make clouds and flowers while finger painting when I was little. My boys and I finger painted the other day and put the art up in her room.
4. Seeing my boys read to their great grandma, at her bedside. ( I wanted to take a picture of AJ on his knees, on the bar stool telling Grandma all about his Thomas book, but he was naked.. silly boy.. has this thing about no clothes right now..Grandma didn't seem to mind.)
5. A lot of family time together. Especially when we spent so much time separate when my husband or I worked out of town.
6. A bigger pool in the backyard, so we can all spend time together without leaving the house.
7. Seeing my dad play games with my older son, at the same table that I grew up playing games with Him.
8. AJ leading Dia by the hand to play a game with Him. =)
9. My boys having their first turn out with their Dia.
10. Remembering turn outs with my dad when I was little to Grandy's for a cinnamon roll.
11. My mom taking my son to watch the movie "Bolt" and eating at Mcds when he 4.
12. My husband being a great cook, doesn't use recipes, just makes it up as he goes. Delicious!
13. Potato, egg and cheese tacos with green salsa.
14. Playing Red Rover with my brothers when I was little in my Grandma Boerger's backyard. She always reminded me that I got my brothers to play that, and how much fun we had.
15. Playing in the Haybarn on the farm growing up. Running from the Momma cows going back to the farm house.
16. Walking in the corn fields on my dad's farm. Eating fresh shucked corn for dinner.
17. Getting to sing along side Deanna Biediger a few Sundays ago.
18. My times on the phone with Deanna, as she encourages me to be a better mom and has been like a mom to me.
19. My times on the phone with Debbie Lopez, as she has been such a great encourager to me and mentor, and surrogate momma for many years.
20. Getting to keep Jared, my older son, and not having to give Him up for adoption when he was a baby.
21. Gabe getting the privilege of adopting Jared officially on August 6, 2007.
22. Thankful that his biological father was selfless enough to give up his rights, and having the guts to say outloud that he was not doing the job as Jared's father like he should, and knowing that Gabe will and always will. Thankful that he gave me the special gift -Jared, and God allowing us to have Jared, even not in the best of times or choices.
23. My sweet friend, Sarah Lett whom celebrated her 32nd birthday today (well yesterday). We have been friends for a long time, and I am so grateful for her, and so thankful that she still picks up the phone when I call. =)
24. Thankful for a amazing Savior that still loved me when I went through all my trying years and still loves me for the flawed person I am today.
25. Thankful I stopped being in denial and got professional help a few years after I was raped due to my drink being spiked.
26. My best friend, Alexis. We have been so close for over 12 years now. She has been my prayer warrior and always stayed by my side.
27. I lived with her for 6 mths when I first found out I was pregnant, and didn't have a place to live. We have been through so much together, both losing our mothers to cancer. We know too well how each other feels, but always their for each other to lean on.
28. Her daughter is my goddaughter, she has special needs, but Hallelujah, has come so far! I pray for her daily.
29. Thankful for yarn and the ability to crochet, and make people homemade gifts with love and a lot of prayer over them while I crochet it.
30. Thankful for my amplified Joyce Meyer bible, given to me by my sister, Sherese.
31. Thankful for my bible of many years given to me by my godparents, Jeff and Renee Gibbs when I was confirmed at age 14.
32. I am thankful for my talent of singing, God gave me this to sing His Praises.
33. Thankful for my hubby of 5 plus years. We were coworkers back in 2001, and he found me again in 2005 with a newborn, and he never looked back. God made Gabe specifically for me and my boys.
34. O so grateful for my boys, Jared and AJ. I know their are days that go by that I need to check myself and be more thankful for them.
35. My boys laughter, especially AJ's deep belly laugh when I tickle him.
36.Praise Music!
37. Jelly on homemade biscuits!
38. Strawberry tapioca made by Grandma Neuenschwander.
39. My mom's cheesecake and fudge.
40. When my mom would rub my head, when I had trouble falling asleep.
41. My mom's angelic singing voice, she is now using in heaven.
42. Grateful for all the nights my dad stayed up with me and listen to me go on and on about whatever my heart was feeling or aching about.
43. Grateful for each of my brothers, they each have their own personality for sure.
44. One of my other best friends, Brenda. We have been friends since high school, met in middle school. She is my beavis, that surely sums it up!
45. All the summers spent at Lake Webster with the Neuenschwander family for a week with no tv, no internet, and no phones. Just plain ole fun together, as families need to do!
46. Thankful for the freedom to express my opinion, and free to be a believer of Jesus, and not prosecuted to proclaim it.
47. I still wish I had a sister growing up, but thankful for my SILS.
48. My dad's pancakes while camping.
49. Thankful that I had the privilege to learn 2 instruments growing up, piano and violin. Hoping to pick back up the violin one day.
50. Thankful that I have now learn to cook a lot better, thanks to my mom and my hubby.

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Deanna B. said...

Really enjoyed your blog. You are a busy lady. God has blessed you with energy and the willingness to share it. Love you muchly, Deanna