Saturday, June 4, 2011

End of the School Year for the boys.

I will have a 1st grader soon and AJ who will be in MAINSTREAM pre-k next year!! Wow, how time flies! These year went great for both of the boys. Jared was one of the first 2 boys to read in his class and now with encouragement he continues to read more everyday. I love how much my mom read to him all the time, and I try to continue that, but now he is reading to me. =)
Jared had lots of fun in kindergarten and loved all his friends and teachers. We will continue to work on things through out the summer and have lots of fun too.
I sadly missed his end of school program because I was gone to a seminar but his Daddy was there with the video camera and my camera, thankfully.

I felt like I didn't missed it, especially when Jared sang right along with it when we watched it.
Jared received a certificate for Accelerated Reading and completing Kindergarten.

(Sidenote: I just love seeing Jared's name spelled "Jared SMITH".)
Some fun events at the end of the year:
Walking the blocks with their parents:

Jared went the zoo: Sadly we didn't get to go with him that day. He said he had a great time though!
Field Day:

Jared got a special treat and got to go to his teacher's house and have a pizza party and ice cream. They also played across the street at the park with all his classmates. I was so glad that I got to go and have fun with him.

Jared is ready for 1st grade for sure!!
Next Post continues with all the fun and learning that AJ took part in.

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