Friday, May 13, 2011

Fishing Day

I have been wanting to blog lately about all the fun things we have been doing together as a family or just mommy and daddy dates. I haven't been taking the time to blog because honestly I have been too lazing to do it and just put the pictures on facebook. I then starting looking back at previous blogs, especially ones about my mom, and I was so grateful I was able to read things I had forgotten about. Even if nobody looks at my blog, it is more for me to remember things. I am more thankful and appreciate life more when I write about it (or try to write). =)

We went fishing for the first time as a family the other day. We thought the boys would be old enough to sit still and actually fish. Either way, we had fun for sure!
The big highlight of the trip was AJ catching his first fish. He was just sitting on the dock in his little "Cars" chair and dropping his line in the water. He didn't even cast it out, he wanted to drop it right by the dock. Well then Gabe was helping Jared with his line, and then AJ starting freaking out and crying.

I thought that his line got caught on some seaweed or junk but no, it was a fine holding on his hook. Gabe went over and helped and was so proud of him. It seriously freaked out AJ, he wasn't sure about all of that. I couldn't help but laugh.
We kept fishing and Jared was frustrated that he didn't catch anything, even sitting where AJ previously sat hoping to catch one.

The fishes were nibbling some, but no luck. It was a great day for the Smith family. We have had such little time with each other over the past 2 years because of either my husband or I working out of town. We are now in the same town having good family time together.

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Mary said...

That looks like so much fun! Nohing cuter than a little guy catching his first fish. :)

Hope you have a great day