Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tribute to our mom

This is from my brothers and I, read by my brother at my mom's celebration of life service, on August 15,2009. I have wanted to type it out and share it for some time. Well today is mothers day and I thought it was a good day to share.

For anyone to say they have been touched by the love and joy that was our mother, they would be wrong. Our mom's spirit and everything about her wouldn't just touch you, it was the kind of love that grabs you, surrounds you, never lets you go, and changed your life forever. Her presence, her witness, and her being were always a beacon of God's love.
This profound loss has left a hole in our lives that can never be filled. But we rejoice in the legacy of love and joy that was our mother in this life.. a life that touched and will continue to touch the hearts of countless individuals all the way into eternity. However, if she were here today, she would be the first to tell you that this legacy she leaves behind is not from her, but from her Heavenly Father.

Whether we are dancing at Jeremy & Melisa's wedding, at the lake with our family, or as we raise our children and go about our daily lives, she will be there and we will see her love and faith reflected in the lives she has changed. And become of our Faith and the sacrifice of our Savior, we have hope in knowing we will see her again when we are called home.

All our blessings,
Jeremy, Paul, Sarah, Mark and John

A favorite picture of my mom taken by my SIL, Abby.

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