Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is my second year to do Race for the Cure. My first time was in 2001 after my mom was first diagnosed in 2000.

I walk in memory of my special Mother, Vonda
who won her battle in August 2009. She entered the gates of Heaven and is eternally healed and dancing in Heaven. I was honored to take care of her in her last hours and along with my dad sing her into Heaven. I am so grateful for all the research that had a big part in my mom's 9 years after first being diagnosed. I give all the Glory though to our Savior, The King of Kings for blessings us with life after cancer for my mom. I was so grateful that I had so much time with her. My wedding day, the significant impact she had on my husband's life, my pregnancies, birth of my 2 boys, the impact she had on my boys, and many, many more good memories.

She would sit with other cancer patients when receiving chemo. She would do want ever they needed, whether to sit in silence and just hold their hand, pray with them, sing with them, or even answer questions. She would also volunteer to sit with hospice patients being a hospice nurse herself and answer questions, pray or sing. She never had a bad attitude. She continued daily to live for Christ. She talked the talked and even better walked the walk.

I am training for the 5k and plan to run it with a few of my brothers. One of the last things I told my mom was I would make her proud, and she said she knew I would, but she then asked me, "Make the Lord proud, Sarah!"

I am also walking in memory of my Sister-in-law's grandmother that had it so young.

In Honor of:

Michelle Hellmann Lemmon- Presently battling Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Michelle's Mom- Survivor

Margie Borchers- Currently on round 2 of Breast and Bone Cancer but caught early.

Lucy Wilke-Survivor since 1993

I am also walking for myself. I am at high risk and I am wanting to be more healthy and live for Christ and respect the temple ( my body) that he blessed me with.

Here is the link to my personal fundrasing page. Everything goes towards our team, which my SIL, abby is our team captain and doing a great job!

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Robyn said...

What a beautiful tribute. I love the picture of your mom.