Sunday, November 1, 2009

Andrew Jayden (AJ) 2 yrs. 7 mths. 4 days

Favorite Foods- really loves yogurt and cheese its ( and about everything else as well)

Favorite Color - blue and red ( and when we are practicing his colors and I said Pink, he thinks that is hilarious)

Favorite Place to Go - the park and ride his tricycle

Favorite Place to visit: LOVES his papa's house/ The library ( he thinks seeing all the books is funny)

Favorite Thing to Do - playing with all his trains.. does it all day sometimes

Favorite Sweet Treat - vitamin's for sure.. ask for them all the time " mommy, min-min" (does Flintstones vitamins count as a sweet treat) and suckers.. he loves those!

Favorite T.V. Show - Thomas the train and Bob the Builder and now elmo

Favorite Movie - Finding Nemo

Favorite Song - Every Move I Make

Favorite Restaurant - Mexican restaurant in town..can eat all the chips and salsa if I let him

Favorite Clothes - his train shirt and his car pull ups all the time if i let him

Favorite Shoes - the little bit he will keep them on.. his Thomas shoes

Favorite Hairstyle - short.. he really doesn't care as long as I let him help me wash it and comb it

Favorite Book - Can you guess by now? His Thomas the train book
Favorite Animal - likes to play with biscuit our dog

Favorite Bible Story - Moses and the Red Sea.. when the part comes when Jesus parts the red sea.. he says loudly.. "Wa-Wa"

Favorite thing to do at home : color his train coloring book and play with his trains..

Favorite drink: He loves mommy's Sonic coke.. I let him have a few sips.

What are your kids favorite things?

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