Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jared 4 yrs. 6 mths 20 days

Here are his favorites last time

Favorite Foods- still chicken and rice
Favorite Color - blue (hasn't changed)
Favorite Place to Go - Go fishing
Favorite Place to visit: Going to my cousin, Beth's house and go to the zoo together.
Favorite Thing to Do - playing jacks and balls ( Nana taught him how to play that)
Favorite Sweet Treat - Popsicles ( same)
Favorite T.V. Show - Batman
Favorite Movie -Land before time
Favorite Song - Rockband (xbox)
Favorite Restaurant - Tokyo ( same)
Favorite Clothes - Jeans.. this time with no holes in them because we bought him some new ones and so did his auntie abby
Favorite Shoes - he would like some batman tennis shoes
Favorite Hairstyle - not shaved.. he likes his curls ( same ) it was a fro but I learned from my mom how to cut it without shaving it.
Favorite Book - The Bateman book (The Jungle Book.. especially read by his Nana.. from before)
Favorite Animal - Tigers and Biscuit his dog
Favorite Bible Story - Noah's ark ( same)
Favorite thing to do at school : Helping the Teacher
Favorite thing to learn at school: going to the computer lab
Favorite place to go after school: Go to the park and ride his bike

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Sarah said...

i can't belive how big he is!