Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn tablerunner!

I love crocheting from time to time. Some projects take me awhile and others I do in a short time. This past year I made 4 blankets, and a few hot pads and 1 table runner.
It is such a stress reliever for me and I tend to use that time as prayer time as well.
I found some great yarn on sale in all fall colors last year in Colorado. So on and off for a year I crocheted this table runner for my sil, Abby. She just loves autumn colors and loves the season of fall. I finally finished and gave it to her last week. She has even used it as a shawl for warmth. It fit her table perfectly and I didn't even measure. This picture was taken at my home before I gave it to her. I always take a picture of my projects that I complete before I give them to the special one I am making them for.

Here are a few others that I made this year.


Robyn said...

you inspire me. I think I may try this!

Sarah said...

this is so awesome!!!

Abby said...

I simply LOVE my runner/shawl !!!! You are the best!
Love you, 1st