Sunday, May 24, 2009

Christ is the head of this Home!

(Aj was asleep in the car)

I never thought I would be so excited to purchase our first starter home. God surely had His timely all over this house. We (key word we) tried to buy the same home back in December and we pulled because of a terrible lender. Well months went buy and we still had to pay bills due on the new house and we kept praying if this house is still the one. Well we felt God was tugging at our hearts to try again and we did. We were super blessed with a wonderful Loan officer named Perry, a man of the Lord, and our same wonderful Realtor Melissa. You know it is a God thing and His timing when your house insurance is half as much, your interest is 1.5% lower then before, and the seller agrees to pay 6% of the closing. We even had to get a new appraisal and that didn't even cost us anything because our closing cost were appraised higher and that was covered. Our family is so blessed and grateful to our Heavenly Father. This house is all praise to Him. We are nothing without Him.

This isn't our dream home but it is a great started home for our family of 4. Gabe has plans to enclose the den to be the master bedroom and add on a bathroom. He also plans to knock down one of the walls in the kitchen and make it open. I can't decorate but with the help of a few precious ladies and my hubby as well, we will make this a comfy and relaxing home for us. I want to do a cross wall, so exciting because we have never done one before, and of course my photography. I want to get a new canvas of the boys in the bluebonnets and some aspen leave pics from Colorado. I actually went window shopping today to see what themes I could (try to) do.

An idea I have for Jared's bedroom is a canvas painting done by him. I thought about getting a white canvas and taping cut out shapes from a paper bag and let him go crazy with paint. Then maybe in the middle we could write one of his favorite things to say. "I am not scared of the monsters, Jesus protects me from them."

We have met a few of our neighbors on Sunset Ave. We have met a sweet couple to our left, the Williamsons. Their son, Syrius looks so much like Jared and they love playing together already. We have a loving family across the road, Nick and Sarah. They have a son that is 8 and so sweet. We have met a few others as well. I love the quiet neighbor and so happy to have sidewalks. The other day when I mowed the backyard, I never thought I would be so excited to do that. It makes a difference when it is your own, and you are proud to be homeowners.

I will share more when we are finished moving in. Thanks for all the prayers for our home and the Smith family.

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Denise said...

Congratulations to y'all! How exciting and I hope to one day visit you and the family in your new home!! The plans and ideas you have for your home and Jared's room sound awesome! Can't wait to see the pictures!!