Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend..

I am alittle late at getting this one up.. you know moving..putting a house together again... this time it is ours. =)

Well I didn't want to miss out on sharing about one of the best weekends of my life so far with my mom and my whole family.That is a blog post of this wonderful weekend on my sil's blog. I have learned over and over this year to never take one day for granted especially with your family.

We usually do not all get together unless it is Christmas or maybe Thanksgiving these days which is just sad. Mom and dad tends to see us one at a time, which is good too. We get the one on one time with them. I just wanted to see if we could surprise mom with all of us coming for Mother's day weekend. We all made it and even John caught a ride from Dallas and was able to be there.

One of two my favorite moments was when she saw Melisa and Jeremy in the living room after they flew in and she said, "well I am just going to pee my pants." Then she called me Saturday morning when we were on our way mind you and she asked me, "Now do not lie to me, but are you coming still, their is a hole here with out your family." I calmly said, "No mom it is our only weekend to move and we are taking a trailer over to the new house right now." She so believed me and then we arrived at her house 10 minutes later. I loved her face and then the tears, happy tears for sure! We had a blast and loved being with all my brothers, sil's and nieces.

Abby and Paul got to go have dinner with her mom and go to her church Saturday night so we watched the monkeys.. Beth and Lauren. What fun we had. Jeremy was so Uncle of the year that day. He took so much time with each of them and had them laughing like crazy, especially AJ. The older four played in the camper and laughed for hours!!
Mimi( Melisa) had a special treat for the older four ice cream cones with sprinkles. I got to do a little impromptu shoot of my little niece. We all ate too well like normal.

My brother Mark and I got to do a trio with my dad on Sunday morning, in honor of all the mothers, especially mine. I usually don't get nervous but when I saw mom crying my song sheet was shaking so bad. I received my first card from husband since we have been married on mothers day as well =).
Jared and I picked out a special Nana charm and necklace for my mom that we had wanted to get her for awhile.

My mom called me later that week and gave me a big thank you for planning this weekend and she said something that I will never forget... She said when she is down and her cancer is being evil she will cling not only to her faith in Jesus but her beautiful grandchildrens faces that she got to see and all her children. I tried hard to not cry on the phone when she said that. She also said, that this made her feel like a queen.

I admire my mom so much and as I have said a million times, she is a walking testimony. She doesn't complain and Dad said she had one of her best weeks this past week. She was running circles around him. I love you momma!

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