Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Home sweet Home!

This past weekend we had the amazing opportunity to travel for our house hunting trip to Snyder Texas by way of Plainview as well. I was so happy to see my mom doing a little better but still tired. That didn't stop her at all. While dad, gabe, aj and I went to Snyder to go house hunting, Jared and mom stayed home and played. Jared did wonderful for her and they had a ball. They planted pansies together, watered plants, played with play dough, made dinner together, and just cuddled together. Mom was going to take him trick or treating together with his spiderman costume, but he just wanted stay home and cuddle with his Nana on the couch.
We did find a house after looking at a few in our price range. I was so glad to have my dad there with us. Gabe is quite knowledgeable as well, but my Dad has been working on and with houses for years. He asked all the questions and looked for things we wouldn't think to look for. Thanks again daddy!!
We all went to Gabe's new job as well. They are all patiently waiting for him to arrive. They said there is a lot of work to do and there will be a lot on your plate. Gabe said that is great, he is always up for a good challenge. Dad was so proud of Gabe and was happy to get to see more what he does on a day to day basis.
The next day we got to go see the Habitat house dad is working on, play at the park, and take mom to lunch. I also dared to get my hair done while I was there. I had to strip out the red, but know I am a little too blond, so spare the jokes please!!
It was great to be apart of St. Paul on Sunday. I just love it there and enjoy hearing my dad preach. When we got home, my mom called the next day and her results were finally in. The cancer hasn't spread to any organs, but their is an increase in activity in her bones. She is learning to live with the pain this brings, but taking everyday as it comes. One of her moto's is "Get busy living, or get busy dying."
What a fun time had by all. Now we just have to get busy and finish packing. Luckily my brother is flying up here to drive down with us. Thanks Jeremy again!!!

Don't worry the kitchen is going to be redone for sure!!


Deanna B. said...

YEA!! You're coming back to Texas!! I'm not into Facebook so I'm missing some stuff. Talked to Brooke last night and she mentioned that y'all were moving. Brooke said she will get me started on Facebook when she & Steve (and the doggies) come for Christmas. So glad you included pics. So happy for you!! Love & hugs, D

Deanna B. said...

I forgot -- I like the blonde!!

Abby said...

I'm so excited for y'all! The house looks great. Didn't know Jeremy was coming to help - he wins the "good brother award" for that one!
I cannot wait to see my sweet nephews (and their padres, too)!

Susanne said...

I like your blonde! You look like Marylin Monroe! :-)You need to tell me everything about you moving back to texas!

Susanne said...

I just noticed AJ in the house pictures. Its so funny! Like you did it on purpose: "Find the small boy in every picture"!