Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Boys in The Bluebonnets!!

I am so happy to have to my camera back even though it fell on the ground yesterday because the strap wasn't put on right after I got it back. Luckily only the UV filter broke and nothing else. We are just now getting some desperately needed rain around here and some bluebonnets are showing up here and there. Well the only place I found besides the medium of the high way was someone's front yard. So after I got permission we set up the shot. I was happy with most of them. It is not easy taking pics of your own children when you are the mom and photographer.


Sarah Lett said...

these are so adorable! good job girl!!! careful with that slippery camera ;)

Timpy said...

I love these pics of the boys. They are great. Good job mom/photographer.