Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally.. Jared and Aj's Bday

I haven't blogged for awhile mainly due to being lazy and just putting pics on facebook. Well their is alot of good thoughts and memories that go with those pics.

As most of you know my boys bdays are about 10 days about. I will probably continue to have a party for them together until they are older. We were going to have a chucky cheese party but we decided to have a small party at my mom's house with my aunt and uncle that were in from Indiana. I wanted to make it easier for my mom since her she hasn't had as much energy lately especially when she travels, it takes alot out of her.
We celebrated on saturday evening, March 29th, the day after AJ's real bday. The boys helped me make the cake as you will see. Jared helped me spelled out his name with m&m's and AJ's as well. Jared also was so happy to put sprinkles on there. Gabe and I have decided that they only need 1 or 2 gifts for their bday and make them special.

I want them to appreciate and respect what they are given. Both Gabe and I can surely tend to go overboard especially when we live out our childhood sometimes through our children. The boys are both into trains now and Handy Manny.

AJ is talking alittle more. His latest word is "taco." He loves to dance to music, with rhythm gabe says.. and it comes from him not me.. whatever..
I was so thankful for my boys to have their Nana there for the celebration.
My mil wanted to come for all the fun but wasn't able too. We miss you Momma Smith, grandma.
My fav part of the night was when Jared and AJ sang to one of there fav contemporary Christian songs that I have taught them. The song was Every Move I make. Well at camp when we would sing it..we threw in a Whewhoo..after one part. Well AJ just loves doing that, and I was happy Mom and Dad got to see that.

What a blessing for their bdays to fall on when Aunt janean and Uncle Steve where here for the week at my mom's house. We had some much with them... and jared and Aj sure bonded with them, Colin and his friend Dan.

On Jared's actual bday this past week we went to Lubbock for some "new House" errands and we went to lunch with his fav Godmother, Holly. Then we were going to go to Chucky Cheese to use their free bday tokens. Well Jared decided to show off his bad boy skills while we were at the bank, so we went home with Jared screaming half of the way home. Well I am so glad I stuck to my guns of you better behave or else, because we were able to go yesterday just the three of us, and he was so thankful. He realizes that mommy is serious and she means business. I wasn't mean for long.. I took them finally yesterday for the first time.. I think I went maybe once when I was little. The best time is to go on a weekday during the day, less crowded for sure. Remind me to have Gabe with me next time, the boys missed having daddy with them.

Jared's thoughts..
I got my favorite toy.. handy manny from mommmy and daddy..
I asked him who came to his party and his said with ethusiam.. STEVE!! That would be his great uncle Steve, Janean's husband. He also said he was sad because he didn't have his cousin Bethany their.. but he understood that she lives far and we will see her soon.
And he was so happy that Nana and Papa came..( it was at their house =)and sad that he didn't get to spend time with his grandma.

Thanks to everyone that sent special gifts to the boys.
I wasn't able to get a video for everyone ( Abby does that and I think it is such a great idea for sure!!) to say thanks for their gift, but I got a few pics.
Thanks Paul, Abby and the girls for all our fun toys, cds and games.

Thanks Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Mimi for the awesome shirts.. AJ would wear the train shirt everyday if I let him.. momma.. cho-cho-.. momma cho-cho.. and he gets excited after pointing to his shirt.
Thanks to holly and shawn for the toys and books for the boys.. you know they loved them as you witness at your office.
Thanks Mom and dad for the fun trains and Thomas the train video. You know the boys love their trains!!


Abby said...

Wish we could've been there - or at least sent our gifts in time :( I'm a terrible aunt!
Love those boys (kinda like their parents too)

Sarah Renee B. SMITH said...

oh abby.. it is okay.. Jared just loves your daughter so much as his fav cousin and he misses her.. you are a wonderful auntie that he just LOVES and when we pray every night he always mentions you and Paul first after nana and papa.. Your love for your nephews is endless, and they know that.

Deanna B. said...

Thanks for your comments, updates and pics. Feel like we are there. Happy Birthday to your boys. God is good. Fill your day with smiles. Love and hugs to all.