Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trip away to Ft. Worth

In this transition of moving which has just been a blast... blah blah blah..I decided to not hang out in the hotel and not go crazy in a small room and head to Ft Worth and hang out with my brothers family. The kids did so well together for the most part. I got to meet my niece Madilynn( Mark and Dena's little girl) for the first time. She was so precious.

One of my favorite lines from the weekend was when Beth told Jared that she loved him and enjoyed spending time with him. I am so happy that we do not live to far away from each other and we can see each other more then just once or twice a year. Family is too important and life is too short.
I missed seeing my youngest brother. He had to work and decided not to come after. Jared was sad not to see him but we will see him at Christmas. This had the best visit with both the Boerger families for us. I got to spend more one on one time with each of the girls since my children are bigger and do not require as much attention. I took the older kids Beth and Jared to the movies to see Madagascar. The kids loved having their special turn out. Abby and I had more one on one time as well. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes when her and I went to have a few drinks just the two of us. I promise we weren't even tipsy.. Abby is just a comedian.
It was nice to have some more meaningful talks with my brother,Paul and also with Mark and Dena.
The kids also exchanged their ornaments to each other. We decided that we will exchange special ornaments instead of toys because our child have already way too many. Then they can keep them for years and have them on their own tree in the future.

( I pause for a second because AJ was getting into Holly and Shawn's fireplace and had ashes all over him... and I am sitting with the computer where I can see him..go figure)
Now they are in the bath and I am sitting in the bathroom door way.. I know you would think I would stop blogging but they can play and I can type.. =)
Another fun part of the weekend was the girls and all the kids went to zoo Friday for 5 hours. Abby packed us a lunch a we headed off. The zoo is amazing and the kids particularly ran the whole time except for AJ and Madi. We even were somewhat successful in getting a 5 grandkid picture for Grandma.

Saturday I took family pictures for both sets of my brothers families. I was impressed with how they turned out.

Thanks all for your great hospitality and great food.. especially the chicken stir fry..=)
Back to the real world.. and the boys trying to drink all the bath water... Jaarreeedd..


Abby said...

Aww shucks - too sweet. It was a GREAT time! I look forward to more :)
Yes, the stir fry WAS exceptional. Must have been the sexy cook!

Denise said...

I think Mark's baby looks so much like him!