Thursday, November 27, 2008

Outside my Window...A redneck driveway.. a camper and a mobile home in my parents driveway so that we can all fit when we come home for the holidays.

I am thinking...that I am so thankful to have my mommy here for thanksgiving..and not in pain from her disease.

From the learning rooms...Learning about patience and unconditional love for my boys and my husband

I am thankful our first new house that we will close on this week..

From the kitchen...yum.. thanksgiving dinner.. alittle non traditional.. ham and meatloaf.. with some traditional and non traditional as well...

I am fav women of faith shirt.. fav silky pj pants.. and bare feet of course

I am reading...a few books.. been moving for a few weeks.. so haven't made the time to really read..

I am have everything go right this week and close on our house this Friday..

I am warm and soft afghan(s) always have a few crochet projects going

I am hearing...the sound of the dryer.. staying up alittle later to do some laundry for my hubby that has to leave early in the morning to work the day after thanksgiving..

Around the house...momma's house.. homey and fab

One of my favorite being together at holidays.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week
spend time with my extended family.. have a date with my sexy hubby.. play some more with my little neice, Madilynn

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... my sweet new neice Madi, whom I had the joy of feeding, singing too, and putting down for a nap, and then helping her stay asleep for awhile atleast..


Deanna B. said...

Madi's beautiful. So glad to see her pic.

Abby said...

miss you

Denise said...

She is so pretty...I think she looks a lot like Mark. I know I've said that before site or facebook. So whats going on with your house? have you moved in yet? I think I'm FINALLY getting my couch on Friday. (Its been 2 months now)!