Saturday, December 29, 2007

I believe one of the best Boerger Christmas's '07!!

I believe that Christmas '07 has to be one the best Christmas that I have experienced with the Boerger family. We were not complete though because my sister in law Dena wasn't able to come due to work issues. We celebrated not only Jesus birth but staying strong as a family. The best gift of all was having my mom her for Christmas. IT was touch and go with her health, and we still pray for a full remission. Her latest MRI was still status quot, which is the best thing. Her tumors have slowed down tremendously. I loved seeing her hold our kids and feel good for the most part. She had to make sure she laid down or just took it slower at times. That gave Abby and I a chance to finish up Christmas dinner. We had a nontraditional dinner. We had lasagna, fettucine alfredo, wonderful salad, garlic bread, and wonderful carrot cake.
Gabe and I were just do glad to be their. We left early on Thursday night and drove through the night. Plainview, Texas was quite different from here. They actually didn't have a white Christmas, which was just fine with us. We have enough snow her in Leadville to go around.

I was so elated to see my husband rested and not on call like he usually is with his work. He was acting silly but serious when needed as well. He was able to have some good talks with not only my dad but also my brothers as well. They actually went to the movies together and walmart a few times. I was blessed personally with so many gifts that didn't cost a dime of money.

First, my oldest brother and I, Jeremy had so much fun together. He is now been sober for 15 months and such a joy to be around. We made fun of each other and just enjoyed each other's company.

Second, ( but tied for 1st), was my blossoming relationship with my sister in law- Abigail. This had to be our best Christmas ever together. We enyoyed watching our children play together, Mary Kay makeovers, cooked, laughed, had lunch together, and just encouraged each other over all. I drew her name for our Christmas gift to each other. I knew right away that I wanted to get her something that was meaningful and loving. I got her 2 willow trees. The first was for becoming close as sisters. The second was for something that her and Paul went through that was difficult for them. I also had the same experience a few years back and I was given something that helped me through it as well.
*****Heart and Soul************

*************** Angel of Remeberance****************

Here are a few mores pictures from all the fun we had!!


Abby said...

You captured some precious moments and great shots! I, too, believe this was the best Christmas ever for our family. My time with you was so sweet! Love you!

Abby said...

Oh yea...Is it just me, or does Bethy look frightened by her Uncle Gabe????? He was a hoot (too bad that is a picture of him being normal! HA!)

carol said...

I don't see Vonda wearing a brace. I thought that was going to be her lot in life. It was good hearing about your family Christmas.

Deanna B. said...

Wonderful pics and sharing of special moments. Feel like you are here telling me all. I can hear your excitement! Thanks Sarah. Love & hugs to all.