Saturday, December 29, 2007

AJ's First Christmas!!

I needed to do a separate one for him because this is a milestone for him in his life. Andrew Jayden just turned 9 months yesterday and seems to be loving life. He got up on all fours yesterday and was rocking back in forth alittle bit. He loves being able to feed himself now.. Mr. Independent.

I love hearing him laugh and squeal. He is saying mama, dada and baba. He seemed to enjoy Christmas. One of my favorite times was when he was in my mom's arms rocking him to sleep. That is an accomplishment in itself, because lately he has been figthing his sleep like crazy. He loved his toys from family and especially his brothers toys..he likes to steal them all the time. "No, AJ..Jareds exclaimes."
His 5th and 6th teeth are coming in. I can finally say ( maybe once in a while) he has stopped nursing and is on the bottle. I so missed the convienience of nursing, but mostly the closeness. I have been so blessed by both of my boys in my life.. oh yah the big boy..Gabriel as well. =)

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Kerri said...

So glad to see AJ on his OU outfit. I knew you'd start this one off right.