Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Parents Christmas Newsletter. Dec 07

Dear Friends- O the joy of Christmas! Our 5 children, their spouses, and the 4 grandchildren should all be home for Christmas this year.

Jeremy (31) enjoys life in San Angelo, working with Elliott Equipment (and the whole Elliott family), and reconnected with Trinity Lutheran where I served through the 80's. He celebrated a year of sobriety last October – and will be the first to tell you of God’s amazing grace and power. What a wonderful time of celebration as most of our family joined him that evening in San Angelo at an AA meeting where he was the main speaker.

Paul (29) and Abby (and their 2 little girls) still live in Ft. Worth, though may be moving within the next year to the Grapevine area. Paul works for an pediatric orthopedic surgeon in that area, graduating last August with his pediatric nurse practitioner degree. He met the surgeon through his work as an emergency room RN at Cook’s Children Hospital - seems to be a good fit. Abby enjoys and serves so well in her full time mom role, serving on the building committee in their church, and organizing numerous other activities (including Paul).

Sarah (27), her husband Gabe, (and their 2 little boys) recently moved to Leadville, CO. Gabe directs the radiology program there. They love it, immediately finding a great church family, and one of the most beautiful parts of the US. Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the US (10,200 ft above sea level). They’ve already had 5 feet of snow. I helped Gabe move in November, and while unloading the truck we discovered there is NO air up there! Apparently they’ve adjusted. AJ (Andrew), their second child, was born in March. Jared officially became Jared Smith in June when Gabe adopted him as his own - a joyful tearful time at the courthouse that day!

Mark (25) and Dena were married last January 5 in Ft. Worth. He’s in his last year at Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth doing M-Div work in counseling and Biblical studies. Our newest sweet daughter-n-law Dena works for a bank, and gives us cause for much thanksgiving. They love their church, Dena singing in the choir, and Mark still playing his clarinet in the orchestra.

John (22) graduated from Texas Tech in May (made it through in 3 years) and now works at a bank in the Dallas area. He phones everyday, and it’s a joy to watch him grow up. He’s looking at working on his MBA this year since the bank will pay the tuition.

Vonda’s breast cancer of 7 years ago returned with a vengeance in May as metastatic bone cancer - numerous tumors throughout her spinal chord, thoracic and hip area. In June it was revealed that she had 2 fractures in her neck and mid back, areas compromised because of the tumors. She underwent radiation in the fracture areas to limit tumor growth into her spinal chord. She now lives with a body and neck brace. While that doesn’t sound good, and certainly sent our family into a tail spin last May, in some ways life is better than ever. Vonda had to retire from her RN job as a hospice nurse, and since then we’ve had lots of good time together, traveling to Alaska, Indiana, seeing our children and grandchildren. Although needing a fair amount of rest, since there is NO pain, she goes with me on hospital, shut-in, and nursing home visits. I bring my accordion and we sing together, having some of the best quality time we’ve ever had. She was elected as nurse of the year for this part of the south plains - a good way to go out of nursing! Her positive attitude is an amazing thing to watch! Your continued prayers are appreciated. We’re planning on many good days to come - it’s in the Lord’s hands.

My mom continues contented and quiet in a good private nursing home here in Plainview. Some days she knows me - and some she doesn’t. We were able to sell her farm and home this past year to pay for such expenses. Rick Shimek, who has farmed her place for a number of years, purchased it. Although hard to let go of "my past" we feel it’s in great hands.

I enjoy pastoring these folks at St. Paul in Plainview. They are so good to us and for us! Our farmers experienced the best crops and best crop prices ever in history, so they’re pretty easy to get along with! Being a foreman for "Habitat for Humanity" is still my joy - though my main spare time interest is being with Vonda in our joyful "empty nest" time.

Last year was anything but uneventful in the Boerger family. We look forward to 2008 with much hope in our Savior Jesus, the One whose birth we celebrate (though maybe with a few less "events").

Love to you all....


Deanna B. said...

Really enjoyed your folks' Christmas letter. Thanks for sharing. GOD IS GOOD!!

Abby said...

I, too, enjoyed the letter and other updates. I mostly enjoyed our time together last week! Love you!