Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What Is A Home?

Home can be...
an arcade, a theater, a museum, an office, a classroom,
a laundry, a restaurant, a garden canter or workshop,
a storage unit or hotel
or even a battleground.

Home can be all these things -- in part.
But none of these things are the essence of home.

Home is a place of shelter, safe and warm.
It's a growing place, a teaching institution, first church, and seminary.
Home is a hospitality center, a mission field.
It's a base for traditions and memories,
A place to return to with joy.

Home is a place where God lives.
This home -- your home -- is holy ground.

Take off your shoes

--Donna Otto

I read this on a blog from one of my sister-in-laws's friends blog. I just was inspired by it. I am a stay-at-home mom and sometimes it is hard and well I am not going to lie I am not that good at it, but trying to get better. I just love waking up about 8:30 or so and spending "waking up time" with AJ before Jared wakes up. We just laugh and then he nurses and then he talks and coos. I love hearing Jared saying "Mommy, I am ready." I always ask him what are you ready for? He replies, "to wake up, silly." I just love that and could hear it over and over. I still am working on the cooking thing. I am needing more easy recipes..please..anyone. I have a very supportive husband that reminds me how grateful he is that I am the one taking care of our children and not someone else that we don't know that well. I don't know a lot of people here, to where I would trust them FULLY with my children. For example, the other day AJ was having a bad day. I didn't know if he was in pain, my nursing wasn't satisfying him, his teeth hurt, blah, blah, blah. He cried on and off for a few hours and I just held him and sang to him and tried everything I possibly knew how to do. If he was in a daycare, I couldn't see him been able to have someone have him one-on-one like that. I don't know someones highest stress level, that they can handle that. I could never fathom my child being shaken or just left to cry for hours. I truely I am so happy to be my kids mommy..most of the time. =) I am still working on the whole cleaning thing. I do clean everyday but still never have everything done. My husband continues to remind me that "housework" will always be there and my babies being young will not. I love that man!!!!! Thank you Jesus for my wonderful husband!!! I still have many things to learn, but that is what life is about, continuing to learn everyday.

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