Friday, September 28, 2007

AJ is sitting up and having fun!!

AJ is such a joy to have around. I just love to hold him, cuddle with him, make him laugh, tickle him, and sing to him...(etc..) He is 6 mths today. My husband is calling him our second toddler already because he is so big. He is tipping the scale at almost 20 pounds now and 27 inches long. He is teething most days so as you most know that is so much fun. He is eating pears now mixed with cereal. He loves that!! I am still nursing and I hope that I am blessed to for atleast 4 more months. I am not sure about the teeth thing (w/ nursing) ..but I will figure it out..

Gabriel wrote in his baby book today.
"I love you, A.J.You are a gift from heaven, I will always cherish and hold close to my heart. Love, Daddy "


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Sarah Lett said...

you are such a busy mom!!! great pics!