Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A poem by my husband, Gabriel

Just once in my arms,
Is all the time it took, to love you,
And when I looked upon your face,
A joy and peace I found, so true,
Realizing the life in my hands,
So happy, so pure, so innocent,
Every minute of all my life,
To help you grow, Will all be well spent
Dawn comes to you each morning,
To bring its light upon your smile

Loving the heart and soul inside you,
And with God's blessings all the while
Every day my life is full of hope,
Of laughs, Of heart, Of glee
Ever and Forever,
I thank Him, For bringing you to me

each day anew,
With a long, deep breath and sigh,
Over the clouds and with the angels,
Thoughts of you, Raise my spirits high,
Even when the day,begins to fade, and gives way to the night,
Visions of you, inside my dreams, hold me safe and tigh
Rejoicing everyday, in each moment,
Each new memory, to cherish for all time
Giving to you all that life has to give,
No mountain will ever be too high to climb,
Even as the days and years pass on,
Even as the time flies by,
Realize you to me, will always and forever be,
The light that sparkles in my eyes.

If you look closely the first letter of every stance spells out
Jared Lee Boerger. He wrote this for him not long after him and I first started dating. I found it again and I wanted to share it with ya'll. He now needs to add on to the poem with the letters of Jared's new last name "Smith".

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