Sunday, August 5, 2007

"you have a great husband.."

We went a visited my next door neighbor( well a horse field apart) today after we had dinner as a family together. Her name is Coreena and she has 4 children. She is going through some hard times right now and when we were about to past her house I mentioned to my husband if we could stop so I could give her a hug. He said of course as long as he could give her a hug as well. =) We talked with her for awhile and hugged and shared a few tears together. She has a rough road ahead of her and tomorrow I am going to stop talking and just start praying with her and what God thinks she should do..not any of us. He is the man and the provider. The Lord is my Shepard..he restoreth my soul..!!! I made sure to give all the kids a hug, and of course Jared gave all the girls kisses. Right before we left Coreena mentioned that the kids always asked when will Daddy give us a hug...uuuggghhh my heart just broke. So Gabe got out of the van and told the kids "I will give you a hug, whom wants one?" They all ran up to him and he picked up 2 at a time and swung them around. Coreena turned to me and said, "You have a great husband."

I am so blessed to been given an amazing man that gets me..really gets me.. and all the horror stories I hear about other husbands.. I am truely been given a gift from God. The important moral to this "lesson" is my husband is a God fearing man, and that makes all the difference in the world. I love you ting tang!!!

These are a few pictures of her wonderful kids that I have grown to love as my own as well.

Coreena always takes Jared for horse rides..even in just his diaper.


Abby said...

She is blessed to have neighbors like you. I commit to pray for her as well.

Deanna B. said...

You too are a blessing, Sarah. Isn't it wonderful what we see and feel when God opens our eyes and hearts?!!