Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The adoption day finally came!!

It actually took place last Monday on Aug 6th in Plainview at the Hale County Justice Center. What an exciting and emotional day!! My parents were present and so were Tim & Kerri Harper. I knew Gabe was going to be emotional but when I went on the witness stand he had some big tears sitting next to our lawyer. We had two court preceedings. We didn't know that we were going to be on the witness stand so that was a little nerve wracking. One of the biggest things that stick out in my mind was when they asked Gabe what does Jared mean to you? He replied, "I have always thought of him as my own." The other was when the judge being of sterness as every judge should be, said with a smile, "Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Smith. This is one of the good things I get to do." We didn't get to take a picture with the judge because he had a few court cases after us. We did take one with our wonderful lawyer, Paul Holloway. We were so blessed with him being our lawyer, man of God!!!

Jared actually stayed outside the court room and played with Kerri. He does say his new name now..."jared smwiith...." kinda sounds like that. We are offically one big happy Smith family know. God is good.
One my first mother's day I recieved a beautiful card from my parents. I remember my mom writing, "God will bring you a wonderful man for you and Jared one day." Wow, I would never guessed so soon or so wonderful of a man. Believer yet?

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John said...

Congratulations! You can tell AJ is way excited in that top pic! Haha!