Saturday, August 25, 2007

stuck in the mud !!! help

Well yesterday was just so much fun!! I went to Amarillo to do some shopping have lunch with my mother-in-law and my kids. What a trying day..but it was worth it. Well we are on our way home in the evening and it starts to hail and rain hard...horizontally at that...well I decided to get under the under pass because I can't see in front of me more then a few feet... Well I don't realize that their is already a lot of mud underneath the van..and we are now when the rain and hail stops we are not going anywhere anyways.. Well after waiting for almost 1 hour safely in our van the volunteer Happy fire department pulled us out.. Thanks!!! AJ was so scared when it was hailing so hard that it took me awhile to calm him down. Jared just held tight onto his grandma with his blanket and was brave. He told me himself. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe in your arms.

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