Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Two steps below heaven."

(That is a quote by my mom and how she explain her trip to Alaska with my Dad.)
I had the honor of spending a lot of my day with my mom today. They have just returned from their Alaskan trip and what amazing spirit filled stories they have to tell. As most of ya'll all know my mom has been diagnosed with bone cancer. She had breast cancer about 6 years ago and now it has come back in her bones. She is an amazing woman and God will continue to take care of her. When she was asked by many how was the trip, her reply was, "It was two steps below heaven." I admire her more and more everyday. She has to be in a back brace and neck brace through out the day every day and does it with a good attitude. When I consider complaining about something now, whatever little thing it may be.. I try to think twice and realize how bless I am and we all are. I just love being around her more and more now. When some people tell me I am a lot like my mom, I consider that to be a big compliment. Her cancer is pretty well spread through many of her bones in her body, but we all know that God is in control of this demon (the cancer).

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