Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Memories with my momma.

Jeremiah 29:11 ..plans to give to give you a hope and a future.

My mom, Vonda Lynn Boerger, what an amazing woman! First and foremost, my mother is a woman of God and she is his precious daughter. Her faith has always spoken volumes to me. My earliest memory from when I was little was when I was 5 and my mom was waiting with me outside on the sidewalk for my dad to come pick me up for my first day of kinder garden. I was a bite scared but of course like always my mommy said I would be just fine and to be brave, because I was a "big girl" now. I can also remember the times we would make cookies together, and she did our flash cards with us, or ask us what we wanted for dinner on our birthdays ,and so on. My mom was a stay at home mom for 16 years and I am so proud to say that!!! She has been a nurse for along time as well but she put her career on hold to raise us. I was a daddy's girl, but my mom and I had a special bond as well, since I was her only girl and 4 sons. My mom and I are alot alike as well. I am always mistaken for her the phone. I always tell her that, that is a big complement to me. We are both loud and like to use our outside voices everywhere.
I admire my mom greatly for all that she has done for me and my family, and the whole community. She truely has a heart of gold!!! She has been a hospice nurse for over 10 years now. She had such a gift of love for those not having that long to live. She would always go out of her way for her patients and their families. More to come on my special momma!!!

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Deanna B. said...

What a great way to journal. Good job, Sarah. It is so much fun to share memories and keep up with everybody. My favorite memory of your Mom is her big smile as she sings in choir, Church, etc. Recently, Gail wanted the choir to smile while singing and I envisioned your Mom. Made me feel happy!! And I smiled.