Saturday, July 14, 2007

I can do any thing through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 1: 13

I wanted to take this time to give praise to God for my brother Jeremy. I am thinking that he is about 10 months sober and dry or even more then that. We almost lost him a few times but God has other plans for him. He as had a hard past 10 years with his addictions but I am proud to say he is on the course to recovery. These addictions will be forever a battle he will have to fight because it is a disease that he has. It's like meeting my brother over again for the first time. We honestly barely ever spoke when we were growing up. I was the little sister and he was 4 years older then me. We started to communicate when I was about 19 or so. The true communication started when I was 26. He is a wonderful brother when he is sober and dry. He went grocery shopping with me the other day to cook food for the whole family. He even helped me prepare it as well. When we hug each other now it feels for real and that just makes my day. I can proudly say I have a big brother that loves me and looks after me. By the way he is a wonderful uncle as well. He just loves my boys and well as his neices. I love hearing Jared say "JEREMY." On thanksgiving this past year he was literally in the tree house (made for smaller kids) playing with little rocks with my son. He even took him for a walk and collected acorns in the wagon. He has alot of goals in his life right now and I am so proud of him. I know that he could fall off the wagon tomorrow but we are not their yet are we. We have to live in the present. It is called that because it is a gift from God. He goes to AA 5-6 days a week and what a blessing it has been for him.
p.s. I will buy you a snickers anyday, Jeremy, I love you!!!!

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