Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend with my parents and family.

My brother Jeremy,John,Paul, my sister-in-law Abby and their two kids(Lauren and Beth)came to celebrate Lauren first birthday. My other brother Mark and his wife Dena couldn't come because Dena was ill. We spent such an amazing time together. My mom was scheduled to go to radiation on this past thursday and Friday but why when her kids and grandkids are in town. My mom was worry about cooking but us kids took over and took turns each evening. My brother John cracked my up for hours when I first came. I love how comfortable we are with each other and that we don't even need the t.v. to entertain us. My dad had some good times with the boys playing racquetball, mom and Abby went to walmart, a few of them went to see a movie, and just cooking together was so much fun. My favorite was seeing Paul and Beth run and literally dive into the pool together... shallow pool (surface dive..safely of course). He is an amazingly involved father. He learned that from my amazing parents that were involved in our lives everyday.

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