Friday, November 9, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude 231-254

231. Thankful that one of my friends had a safe delivery of her twins 2 days ago. They are 6 weeks early but doing well with supplemental oxygen.
232. Thankful for health insurance! My hubby had a big time appt this week with the specialist.
233. Thankful that we are finally able to get all his genetic testing done.
234. Thankful for co-workers that make me laugh all the time!
235. Thankful that we get to go to my dad's house this month.
236. Thankful that I get to hear my dad preach this weekend.
237. Thankful that our crazy mountain of laundry is almost all done.
238. Thankful that the darn tv station that God continues to tell me not to watch.. somehow doesn't work on our TV anymore. Prayers answered!
239. Thankful for needed alone time with my hubby this week. We actually had a few mini dates.
240. Thankful that I got to go to the gun range with my hubby last week, fun fun!
241. So thankful that my prayers were answered for one of co-workers! They almost gave up but God prevailed!
242. Thankful for tickle time with my boys.
243. Thankful for downtime after work.
244. Thankful for needed family time this weekend.
245. Thankful that I have insurance to get new glasses, muchly needed!
246. Thankful that I am able to pay my bills.
247. Thankful that we had a fun Halloween as a family.
248. Thankful for laughter when my AJ calls me Cha-Cha now and thinks it is so funny.
249. Thankful that AJ is slowly catching on to reading. Hallelujah!
250. Thankful that Jared is being nominated for GT. He is so smart and needs to be challenged!
251. So thankful for electricity, a roof over our heads, water, heat, clothes, etc. Praying for the east coast!
252. Thankful for a few new decorations for my house.
253. Thankful for good food made by my hubby.
254. Thankful that I have learned more at work as a Team leader.

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