Thursday, November 18, 2010

AJ - Andrew Jayden 3 yrs. 7 mths 20 days (today)

Favorite Foods- He pretty much likes everything.. vanilla yogurt especially ..
Favorite Color - Blue and Red
Favorite Place to Go - To the park
Favorite Place to visit: Sea World
Favorite Thing to Do - Trains, Trains, Trains
Favorite Sweet Treat - ice cream, whatever flavor
Favorite T.V. Show - Thomas the Train
Favorite Movie -Misty Island - Thomas
Favorite Song - Thomas songs
Favorite Restaurant - loves Mexican restaurants
Favorite Clothes - Thomas shirt and jeans
Favorite Shoes - He hates shoes, but if he has to wear them, his Thomas shoes.
Favorite Hairstyle - Doesn't Matter to him, as long as I don't touch it
Favorite Book - Lost at Sea- Thomas book
Favorite Animal - Biscuit
Favorite Bible Story - Noah's Ark
Favorite thing to do at school - Dance to songs
Favorite thing to learn at school - Play in the gym
Favorite place to go after school - Play with his trains, and ride his bike outside
Favorite Friend - Syrus and Jacob

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