Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jared - 5 yrs 6 mths 6 days

Favorite Foods- Pepperoni Pizza
Favorite Color - Blue (hasn't changed once again)
Favorite Place to Go - To the zoo
Favorite Place to visit: Bethany's house..( his cousin)
Favorite Thing to Do - Play legos - star war and batman ships for sure
Favorite Sweet Treat - Chocolate shake with m&m's from Sonic
Favorite T.V. Show - Batman
Favorite Movie -Whorton Hears a Woo
Favorite Song - Every Move I Make
Favorite Restaurant - Tokyo --once again!!
Favorite Clothes - Jeans and my skateboard shirt
Favorite Shoes - His new tennis shoes for school
Favorite Hairstyle - Mohawk, he really wants one but tends to not stay still for one so we will see.
Favorite Book - The Jungle Book (same)
Favorite Animal - Tigers and Biscuit his dog
Favorite Bible Story - David and Goliath .."Rock goes into his eyeball"
Favorite thing to do at school - Make stuff
Favorite thing to learn at school - Learn to read books
Favorite place to go after school - To the park with his friends
Favorite Friend - Jacob and Rudy

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