Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday's-Getting to know Me Better.

I wanted to start this, because their are things I would like to share with you all to get to know me better on a REAL level. I have seen other ideas like this in other blogs and decided to start my own. Please join if you like and then link back up here in the comment section to let me know. Their are always questions that we want to ask others but afraid too or don't think to ask such things. I am not good at coming up with lots of intriguing questions but feel free to give me ideas of new questions every Sunday. A few to start..

What is something you struggle with in day to day life?
I have really struggled with keeping my house clean. I know a lot has gone on in the past few weeks, but now that I have felt like I have caught up on my rest, I need to get at it and get serious!

What is something you do with your kids that THEY say is their favorite?

They would say just getting on the ground with them and playing with them, whatever they are doing at that time. It surely doesn't take any amount of money to spend quality time with your kids.

What is a goal(s) of yours this week to accomplish?
Simply clean and organize the kitchen. I know I have some things I could give away to my neighbors that might need it.
Get my boys back on their school night sleeping schedule and get everything prepared for the start of school. That means getting the laundry UNDER control!

Do you have a Praise to give to God today?

My husband is at home still recovering from being in the hospital for 5 days last week with blood clots in both his lungs and down his leg. He is still on 100% oxygen and doing well recovering. My praise is being so thankful to God for giving him more earthy time and a second chance to become more healthy and be serious about it.

Please feel free to leave new questions for me for next Sunday.

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