Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marriage Challenge # 3 Pray for your husband daily.

I am behind on my challenges, but I want to complete them even if I am behind, because it matters to me and I take it seriously. This week the hard work begins! I have heard of "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie Omartian. I want to get this book or maybe one of friends has one I could borrow.
The power of prayer is endless, I believe. God calls us to pray daily over our families, especially our husbands/spouses.

James 5:17 says "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."

Prayer changes things - do you believe that? Then let's get started! Here's a list of items I can begin to pray through for your husband (taken from Stormie's book):
1. His Wife -that's a good place to start right?
2. His Work
3. His Finances
4. His Sexuality
5. His Affections
6. His Temptations
7. His Mind
8. His Fears
9. His Purpose
10. His Choices
11. His Health
12. His Protection
13. His Trials
14. His Integrity
15. His Reputation
16. His Priorities
17. His Relationships
18. His Fatherhood
19. His Past
20. His Attitude
21. His Marriage
22. His Emotions
23. His Walk
24. His Talk
25. His Repentance
26. His Deliverance
27. His Obedience
28. His Self-Image
29. His Faith
30. His Future
If you don't pray daily for him - who will?

Challenge: Print this list out and pray through this list daily. Also, do not forget to ask your husband each morning for any specific prayer requests he has for the day.

Instead of printing it out, I wrote each down and thought about each one as I wrote it and things out beside each one of examples of each one.I have prayed for him but honestly not on a daily basis, and by golly it is about time!!
This challenge from Women living Well, also reminded us of when we might see something that reminds us of our husbands, to right then say a prayer for him. I thought it was a great idea. Mine would be when I see a hospital while driving since my husband is in the medical field. Another thing might when I am cooking rice, which seems to be more lately. My husband is Filipino, so that is common in our meals.
One thing besides working on my prayer life for my husband is asking him of even specific prayer requests daily.

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