Friday, April 2, 2010

Gabe's Birthday!

I am finally blogging again and I might as well start with my hubby's intimidate birthday party. We were so happy to have my mil, lola, momma, or grandma as Jared likes to say loudly, here with us this weekend. We had not been able to see her in over a year so the time together was muchly needed and we enjoyed it so much. We are so happy to get to see her in less then 2 weekends as we celebrate the boys birthdays in San Antonio at Seaworld.

We had fun bowling/arcade on Saturday night. We don't take any family time for granted for sure and enjoy every minute of it together. My mil, was on a bowling league about 20 years ago as she recalls and says she prob. wouldn't be any good. Whatever, strike and spare lady. =) The boys used the bumper rails and AJ thought it was so funny if they hit the side or not. The lights dimmed and cosmic bowling started and music was going. So you know AJ and Jared had their dancing going. Jared is having so much fun with his air guitar lately. I enjoyed seeing the proud look on my mil's face when she saw her youngest son (her baby) interact with his babies/big boys.

My hubby turned 35 and I am SO thankful that the Lord brought him into my life and may I say at the RIGHT/anointed time for sure. Jared just loves his daddy and the only daddy he has ever known. AJ is just attached to him like no other and when we get to be together on the weekends it is all about Daddy and I just love to see that. Makes momma's heart smile for sure.

I made one of Gabe's favorites, Pork stir fry with fried rice. He has never been too found of cake but it didn't matter because he was happy to eat some cake that his son's worked hard at making for their daddy. Now, the cake didn't come out like we had planned but o'well it was a good laugh and it tasted great right!

And just know the kitchen got a good cleaning after this picture.. embarrassing for sure.. but lots of good family time was had..dishes are always their for sure.. especially when their is no dishwasher... wa wa =)


Denise said...

So AWESOME!! Looks like the PERFECT birthday and I can feel the love in you family through your pictures!! Your doing an amazing job Sarah!!!!! Miss you dearly!

Deanna B. said...

Loving it all -- pics and blog. Especially the pic of you and your mil hugging. Sarah, you are the best hugger I know!! Your love overflows through your hugs. I thank God for you. MommaD