Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And now AJ's Birthday and First Day of School!

The boys birthdays and their daddy's are all so close together. This year we are actually celebrating them separately when we usually do it together except for our trip to Sea World for their birthdays. This year is different with my mom being in Heaven. We didn't want to do a party without my mom being here. We are all looking forward to spending time together at Seaworld with my mil, Geema as AJ calls her.
They will still have cupcakes in their classrooms and a few gifts from family.

Aj's First Birthday!

I can't believe my big boy/baby has started school already. Not only did he continue to need speech help but they noticed some sensory and cognitive things as well. I was nervous about him starting only turning 3 but I know he is in good hands with Mrs. Miller. I have observed her all year. AJ is in the same school as Jared at Stanfield Elementary in the PPCD program. Mrs. Miller works with him on his continual learning of sign language, and he will be getting speech 4 times a week as well. BIG goal met this past weekend with his daddy. He went through all his flashcards without stopping and throwing them. He also tried and wanted to say all his ABC's. I was a proud momma! He isn't crying as much when I drop him off. He is so excited to see his big brother on the playground. Jared is still very protective and Jared's classmates are as well. How sweet!

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Denise said...

awesome! he is such a big boy!!