Monday, September 21, 2009

Spotlight Mondays

Sarah Robin Angelica.. one of my best friends for life!

I have been wanting to blog about different things for along time but haven't had the desire to write anything or take the time to do it. As I was sitting here tonight at my brother's house and wanting to go to sleep I thought about how much my life long friendship with Sarah Lett means so much to me. We met through church in 1993 or so. We have stayed close on and off for no reason or another.. just life happens.. and as of a few years now we have grown so close. I talked to her either everyday or every few days. Our stipulation to talk to each other is only if we are cleaning. She is also a stay at home mom and rocks at it I must say. She is one of my prayer warriors, my confidant, my sister in christ, my sista, etc. I can totally let my guard down with her and feel like life will go on and I know she will always be there for me and my family. We live kinda far from each other but distance doesn't keep us apart. My jared loves to talk to her on the phone sometimes.. and he tells me "Momma is that Sarah, I must say hi!" I love you girl and thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving me for the whom I really am.. crazy and all. Thanks for your endless encouragement and being such a great listener.. your love and continual support.


Sarah said...

sarah, i'm so crying reading this! i feel the exact same about you- we can be silly, truthful, and carefree when we chat. it means so much to me to be your friend. thanks for always being there- and i'll always be around! even when ya turn into sonic and exit the wrong way ;) i just wanna sing the theme song to "the golden girls" right now, but i'll leave the singing to you, the professional, lol. ((hugs))

Abby said...

Aren't God-based friendships the best?!?!?! So glad to see you blogging again. I'm back on a roll on mine, too. Finally! Love you, 1st

Deanna B. said...

So proud of all of you fine, young women (Christian friends, wives, mothers guiding the next generation). You give us hope.