Thursday, August 6, 2009

the good ole days ( a lost blog entry) Brought smiles to my heart.. wanted to share

when we were kids and had no worries, no bills to pay unless we didn't do the dishes..awaiting the arrival of my adopted brother, John from Korea, never ending battle of 1 girl versus 4 brothers, telling on my brothers, getting dirty..or eating dirt.. ( no that was John), playing in the awesome tree house, having a huge cinnamon roll cake for our birthdays, building forts with the bar stools and sheets, dancing to dads accordion and piano, singing duets with my momma, turn outs with Dad at Grandy's, picking up pecans, daddy "bouncing" us on the trampoline, getting a jar of dirt with a worm in it with a red bow for Christmas from Paul and Jeremy, riding my skateboard on the half pipe, watching my brothers do crazy tricks on the pipe, dressing my little brothers up as girls, going to the lake with the Neuenschwander family every year at Lake Webster, Christoval, riding horses and four wheelers in South Texas, hiking in the mountains,getting to go to private school for elementary and then all the fun things I learned that I had never been exposed too in public school in the 6th grade, piano and violin lessons, family devos, camping many places including Blanco state park, Big Bend, and Inks Lake, visits from our grandparents, Rio Frio, hot wheels, wagon rides from Grandpa, going to the beach, staying at the cool hotel in Ozona with the indoor swimming pool, VBS's, Camp Lone Star, Bandit and Shaggles, Schoeneberg Family Reunions, our momma always fixing our numerous boo-boos, playing in the hay barn at the farm, loved having my dad as my pastor, always good home cooked meals from our stay at home mom, dad being the best handy man around the house, daddy saying prayers with us every night after he tucked us in ,Paul being my other dad =, Breaking both my arms, Learning to drive in the aerostar, driving the "Big blue dog" to high school, being apart of the wonderful San Antonio St. Paul crew and still am, fun youth groups in the different churches we were apart of, ski trips, having great role models as parents, may of argued everyday with my bros but was blessed to never see my parents argue, fight, disrespect each other was the best. I saw how a married couple should act and love each other how God loves us. Some many other great memories too many to mention. I was truly blessed growing up and want the same for my children as well.

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