Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation Part 3 Our Final Destination!

Lake Webster!! This is our families 21st year to go to this lake in North Webster, Indiana. This was Gabe's first time to be with me at our families tradition. He was overwhelmed at times but happy to be there. Their was a total of 34 or so of us.

( This was just Grandma with all her grandkids, their spouses, and great grandkids)

Paul and Abby got to go for the first time in 8 years with their girls.
Jeremy and Melisa were their too, so we had a number of the Boerger/Smith clan along with my parents.

It was a great week. Lots of eating, laughing, swimming, laughing, praying, and great conversations with my family.

Jared tried tubing once with his Uncle Paul and Bethany. He did great. My niece Beth on the other hand was our circus act.

She was on top of her dad's shoulders and doing little tricks. Fun for all. I was able to get up on the wake board after a few tries. Chase was my coach through all that mess. I did go tubing with my cousins and let me tell you, my uncle clay said that I got the most air after falling off that he has ever seen in our 21 years. Yah the back didn't like me, for sure. Gabe just did more relaxing and had fun with the kids and meeting all the family for the first time except for a few at our wedding and Mark's. I really loved the one on one time I had with my grandma. We even had fun dancing in the dining room and she was making fun of me the whole time. What a feisty woman she is.

Jared got to go on a turn out with his Papa and get a new fishing pole. I had some great one on ones with my aunts and cousins as well.
I loved watching all the great grandchildren play together and have fun.
I love this tradition and we will probably go back in a few years when the boys are older.

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Denise said...

Wow Sarah!! Y'all are having such an awesome vacation! What memories you are making with your boys! what a special, exciting, loving , and fun time your boys are having on vacation!! That is so awesome- you have a wonderful extended family and y'all are so blessed! Im so thankful God blessed you and it was possible for you and Gabe and the boys to make it to Indiana for a vacation!!