Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God brings us comfort right at the right moment.. His beauty of flowers.

I had just started to drive home for my mom's house. We had feared that her cancer had spread to her organs from her bones after 2 years of having it. She was showing the symptoms and we gave it all to God and left it there. Well on the way home it finally hit me and I started to weep, like the ugly cry. I try not to cry in front of my sons because they start to worry about their momma. Well and I was the one driving. So in that moment I asked God to bring me some comfort and to rely on his strength and not my own. A few seconds later I passed a beautiful field of sunflowers. I knew I had to turn around and take a few. Thank you Jesus for the comfort you brought to me through your beauty of nature. Soon after I took these photos we found out that my mom's cancer HAD NOT spread but she having some blood transfusions down to help with her anemia. She celebrated last night by going to water aerobics and ending up teaching the class. You go momma!


Sarah said...

sarah- i will never forget that moment on the phone with you- and yes- god has his hand on everything and each of us- his timing is so perfect. when you saw the field of flowers, something in your voice lifted. knowing your mom would love pics of them too :) gorgeous photos!

Deanna B. said...

Most beautiful sunflowers ever. Like magazine photos. God is good, always!! You bless us, Sarah. We join you in prayer. Love and hugs, Deanna (& Ronnie)